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11th EAI International Conference on Communications and Networking in China

September 24–26, 2016 | Chongqing, People's Republic of China

Call for Participation – Chinacom 2016

ChinaCom is endorsed by the European Alliance for Innovation, a leading community-based organization devoted to the advancement of innovation in the field of ICT. The aim of ChinaCom is to bring together Chinese and international researchers and practitioners in networking and communications under one roof, building a showcase of these fields in China. ChinaCom is being positioned as the premier international annual conference for the presentation of original and fundamental research advances in the field of communications, networks, and internet applications. The conference will consist of technical symposia, panels, tutorials, and workshops. All submissions to this conference will be subject to rigorous peer review before included in the technical sessions.


Conference Program

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Technical session A1

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Day 2


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Technical session C1

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Technical session E1

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Keynote Speakers




International Workshop on Future Mobile Networks

Nowadays, the mobile network no longer just connects people but is evolving into billions of devices, such as sensors, controllers, machines, autonomous vehicles, drones, people and things with each other and then achieves informatization and intelligentize. The foregoing considerations highlight the urgent need for novel techniques, e.g., Self-organization Networks and Internet of Things. One of the key requirements is scalability. This means that we have to provide broadband wireless access that spans the gamut- from massive data requirements to very low data requirements for services that come very infrequently. Coverage is critical for these applications, and speed and capacity are often compromised in order to achieve consistent coverage.

From a planning and optimization perspective on the mobile network, this means that we also need a lot more flexibility to address these future needs. Due to this trend, some novel networks such as Self-organization Network and Internet of Things, etc, have been proposed to provide users better quality of experience. However, there are many problems urgent to be addressed before benefits promised by these novel networks can be exploited. For instance, intelligent interference management, hyper-dense heterogeneous networks, Cellular network on drone and Network Virtualization etc. The scope of the workshop includes a wide range of technical challenges in view of the growing interest for the Future Mobile Network Architecture, Networking, communication and Security, etc.

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Tutorial on IoT Startup Landscape and Funding Trends

The startup phenomenon is booming all over the world, becoming a strong force in the innovation eco-system as a premier tool to deploy new disruptive products and services on global markets.

With a strong value proposition and big global growth and market potential comes also the need to fund the startup's operations. The market is very mature when it comes to digital, web, mobile, ICT business models and markets, but what about IoT?

- What are the last trends on the funding landscape around IoT startups (US vs EU vs global)?

- Who are the main players and what strategies are they adopting?

- Some examples and early signals of success.

These and other questions will be answered during the highly effective and interactive tutorial during the tutorial @ CHINACOM 2016.


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