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11th EAI International Conference on Communications and Networking in China

September 24–26, 2016 | Chongqing, People's Republic of China

Special conference room rates available at:


  1. Hotel of CQUPT located at the campus. The hotel has four types of rooms:

  • Tel: 86-23-62460117, 86-23-62461800

Basic standard room, 238RMB per room per night

Deluxe standard room, 368RMB per room per night

Basic suite, 658RMB per room per night

Deluxe suite, 868RMB per room per night


  1. Lucky Holiday Hotel (Nanshan Lijing Holiday Hotel), 2,8 km from the venue.

  • Tel: 86-23-62478328, 86-23-62478888

Standard room 228 RMB per room per night


Please quote 'Chinacom' to receive the special group rate.