Accepted papers

A Routing Strategy for GEO / LEO Satellite Network Based on Dynamic  Delay Prediction and Link Control
Performance Analysis and Optimization Strategy over Cell-free Massive MIMO in the Finite Blocklength Regime
Random Access Preamble Sequence Design in High-Speed Scenario
Adaptive Orthogonal Basis Scheme for OTFS
The APC Algorithm of Solving Large-Scale Linear Systems: A Generalized Analysis
Robust Hybrid Beamforming for Multi-User Millimeter Wave Systems With Sub-Connected Structure
Reinforcement Learning Based Preamble Resource Allocation Scheme for Access Control in Machine-to-Machine Communication
Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network Based on Short-time Discrete Cosine Transform for Monaural Speech Enhancement
Vehicle Trajectory Prediction Model Based on Fusion Neural Network
CARN-Conformer: Conformer in Attention Spectral Mapping Based Convolutional Recurrent Networks for Speech Enhancement
Robust Hybrid Beamforming for Full-Duplex OFDM mmWave Systems With Partially-connected Structure
Cost Efficient UAV Deployment and Resource Allocation for UAV-Assisted Networks
Hierarchical Blockchain-based Resource Access Control Architecture and Scheme for IoT Devicese
Beam Illumination and Resource Allocation for Multi-Beam Satellite Systems
A Low-Overhead Routing Protocol for FANET Based on Ant Colony Algorithm
An Improved Hidden Markov Model for Indoor Positioning
FTDCN: Full Two-Dimensional Convolution Network for Speech Enhancement in Time-Frequency Domain
Privacy-Aware Task Allocation with Service Differentiation for Mobile Edge Computing: Multi-Armed Bandits Approach
Self-supervised Anomalous Sound Detection for Machine Condition Monitoring
Optimization of tensor operation in compiler
An Efficient Memory Management Method for Embedded Vector Processors
A Low-cost Semihosting Approach to debug DSP Application
Safety Modeling and Performance Analysis of Urban Scenarios Based on Poisson Line Process
DPNet: Depth and Pose Net for Novel View Synthesis via Depth Map Estimation
DRL-based joint beamforming design for RIS-assisted mmWave MU-MISO system
A Content Popularity Enhanced Caching with DRL in 6G MEC
Data Balancing Technique Based on AE-Flow Model for Network Instrusion Detection
Feedback Constrained Interference Alignment Enabled  by PCA Codebook Design for 6G Era
Interference-aware Spectrum and Power Coordination in Satellite-aided Cell-free Massive MIMO System
Traffic-Tran: A Parallel Multi-encoder Structure for Cellular Traffic Prediction
Research on crowd movement trajectory prediction method based on deep learning
Admission Control Mechanism of Wireless Virtual Network Assited by Vehicular Fog Computing
Based on Content Relevance Caching Strategy in Information-Centric Network
An Elite Genetic Algorithm for Power Allocation in Cell-Free Massive MIMO Systems
MAML-based D2D Power Control Scheme in User-Variable Scenario
A Reconfigurable Convolutional Neural Networks Accelerator Based on FPGA